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At Pro Path Financial, we live by one mantra: Goals, Plan, Assets – in that order. We begin by obtaining a complete understanding of your most cherished goals and move on through the process once we have a strong comprehension of what you want to achieve. We then build a plan that achieves those goals, which includes an estimate of how much capital you will need. Lastly, we manage and accumulate assets to support the plan that is intended to achieve your goals.

Meet Your Coach and Team

Thatcher Taylor

As the advisor and founder at Pro Path Financial, Thatcher Taylor specializes in a variety of financial planning and asset management strategies, including defining goals, retirement planning, income distribution, social security planning, and stock and equity compensation. He has served in the finance industry since 2009 and strives to provide clients with personalized advice and coaching based on his expertise.

Thatcher is a designated CFP® (Certified Financial Planner®) with a focus in delivering flexible and comprehensive planning. He obtained his undergraduate degree at Southern Utah University and then progressed to Grand Canyon University, where he earned his Master of Business Administration degree. He is inspired by the opportunity to help families grow and create freedom as they accomplish their financial goals.

Although Thatcher is a Dillon, Montana native, he currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, Kelly, and his young children, Lily and Ray. In his free time, Thatcher enjoys playing golf, focusing on fitness, and spending time with his family.

Kelly Taylor - Chief Operations Officer

As the COO at ProPath Financial, Kelly Taylor comes to ProPath with a wealth of experience. Her background includes banking,    insurance, mortgages, higher education, and most recently operations management. She has a passion for service, success, and leadership. As a Veteran of the Army, she knows a little something about hard work, dedication, discipline, and pride.

Kelly completed her undergraduate degree from Grand Canyon University and went on to earn her Master of Business Administration in 2015. Her family is her motivation, and she enjoys traveling any chance they get. 

She is truly what makes this a family business. 

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