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Why Do Financial Advisors Have Jobs?

Today I am breaking down why financial advisors have jobs. This all stemmed from a Twitter post and I thought it would be good for you to learn more.

Original Tweet 🐥

In this episode we will cover:

✅ What is a financial advisor?
✅ Different types of financial advisors?
✅ What is a GOOD financial advisor do?
✅ What is financial planning?
✅ 10 Questions to ask your financial advisor (See Below).
✅ When to hire a financial advisor.

If you are considering hiring a financial advisor but don't know where to start, this episode is perfect for you. 

Everything About Inflation

Today I am breaking down everything you need to know about inflation and how it affects your wealth and retirement.

In this episode we will cover:

  • What is inflation?
  • Who controls inflation?
  • How is inflation measured?
  • How is inflation tracked?
  • Why is inflation happening now?
  • What has inflation been historically?
  • How does inflation affect stocks and bonds?
  • What does the fed does next?
  • How does inflation affect you?

Women In Investing

Fidelity conducted this research to gather insights into women’s attitudes and behaviors when it comes to managing their finances and more specifically investing.

Women are making huge moves to manage their finances and increase their net worth.

In this podcast we will discuss:
✅Where women are saving.
✅How have their results been.
✅Why taking control is imperative.
✅And much much more.

4 Ways to Take Money Out of a 401k

The 401k has 4 options when it comes to handling assets after you leave your company for whatever reason.  We discuss how each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is not a silver bullet and each option needs to be evaluated when the time comes. 

Option 1: Stay in the Plan
Option 2: Roll Over to an IRA
Option 3: Take a Lump-Sum Distribution
Option 4: Convert All or Some to a Roth IRA 

Check back for the newest drops or check out our other podcasts.