What We’re All About

At Pro Path Financial, we live by one mantra: Goals, Plan, Assets – in that order. We begin by obtaining a complete understanding of your most cherished goals. Then, we move through the process once we have a strong comprehension of what you want to achieve. Then we build your custom plan. The plan achieves those goals, which includes an estimate of how much capital you will need. Lastly, we manage and accumulate assets to support the plan that is intended to achieve your goals.

Think of marathoners, triathletes, mountain climbers, crossfitters, weightlifters, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. To be the best in your realm, you follow a program, or have a coach, or both. That is what retirement planning is all about. Having a coach and a program so you can do what you love. Even in the last decades of your life.

Thatcher Taylor

As the advisor and founder at Pro Path Financial, Thatcher Taylor specializes in a variety of financial planning & asset management strategies, including defining goals, retirement planning, income distribution, social security, and stock & equity compensation.


Thatcher is your retirement coach. With almost 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, he’s here to coach you through the best time of your life, retirement.

Thatcher is a CFP® (Certified Financial Planner®) who specializes in delivering flexible and comprehensive planning. Think of him as your personal coach, crafting winning strategies for your financial success. After obtaining his undergraduate degree at Southern Utah University, Thatcher pursued his MBA at Grand Canyon University. While he loves retirement planning, he may love coaching even more. Thatcher spent 8 years, in his free time, coaching Crossfit classes and honing his own skills to be in the top 1% of the world in the sport. He knows what it takes to push beyond your limits and help you achieve greatness. With him by your side, you'll be smashing your financial goals in no time.

While Thatcher hails from the charming town of Dillon, Montana, he now resides in the beautiful Boise, ID. Living with his wife, Kelly, and their young champions, Lily and Ray, he's built a winning team in his own home. When he's not coaching his clients to financial victory, you'll find Thatcher on the golf course, perfecting his swing with the precision of an Olympic athlete. He's a fitness enthusiast, always pushing himself to stay in peak condition. And of course, family time is his ultimate gold medal—creating lasting memories with his loved ones.

Active Retirees Can
Live 8 Years Longer

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