Early Retiree's Have A Long Road

After retiring early from career in the public sector, Brian and Mary have a long life ahead. It is time to make their assets last and navigate the next 40 years, literally. 

Main Goals

Brian and Mary have already "early retired" but the game is just beginning. They need their pensions and assets to last the remainder of their long life, pay for college, and leave some to heirs.


Brian and Mary, along with their two daughters, just relocated to begin this new phase of their lives.

The problem? They are so young and they have a lifetime ahead of them. They were fortunate to receive an annual pension until they pass away but that pension negates their future social security benefits. Their net worth is 7 figures but if they need more than pensions, that is what they use.

Their new home is paid off and but will have large tax bill from the sale of properties before the move. A spending shock right there.

They also have the passion to help their children through college, protect each other with insurance, and spend freely and happily for the rest of their lives. 

The years of hard work have accumulated retirement assets and some taxable assets that need to be evaluated through this ongoing relationship.

Plan Variables
  • What if one passes away early?

  • What if there is poor market performance

  • What if they live a really long time?

  • Will their assets last?

  • What if they want to relocate?

  • What if Brian retires from second career early

  • What should they do about college?

  • How will their health impact insurance?

Initial Recommendations
  • Brian continue to work for 10 more years to help pay for college, provide insurance, and accumulate more savings

  • Rebuilt investment portfolio into low cost, diversified investments built for the long term. The portfolio was also optimized for asset allocation, asset location, and future taxes and distributions. 

  • We did a life insurance analysis to provide the proper coverage including long term care.

  • We also did an elaborate cash flow analysis to make sure we have enough current income to cover all goals and still invest for the future. 

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