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Why age 50+ and $1 Million of assets?

Why age 50+ and $1 Million of assets?

Do you want to retire comfortably and without worry? The ProPath Process can help make your retirement dreams a reality. The ProPath Process is a three-step program that helps people over 50 prepare for the second half of their lives, with the minimum amount of taxes. We take the mystery and risk out of retirement planning, so you can relax and enjoy your golden years.

  • Understand and Develop Your Vision

    Working Together

    This is usually 1-2 meetings that could range from 15 minutes to an hour. 

    These steps are imperative to the planning process. These meetings set the expectation of what you want me to accomplish and what is most important to you.

    This gets the relationship off on the right foot and is different than any other advisor experience.

  • Take a Current Snapshot

    Together and Behind the Scenes

    Now we start to understand where you are today. This is usually an additional meeting and the start of behind the scenes work by me!

    This is done by doing a large data gathering activity (either together or by yourself) that gives me a comprehensive picture of your current financial situation. 

    I need to know as much about you as I can so I can present productive steps to achieve that vision.

  • Develop a Plan and Make Adjustments

    Behind the Scenes

    My next step will to develop customized recommendations to achieve your most cherished goals and vision. This will be achieved with a variety of tools including, financial planning software, tax software, social security analyzation and much more.

    I will deliver recommendation and if you feel good about the changes, begin to implement. 

  • Rinse and Repeat

    Continuous Meetings

    At this point, you will be in our quartly value add meeting structure where we will meet strategically throughout the year to promote your goals and continue to implement strategies as needed.

    As life goes on and changes, your plan will continue to be adjusted to adapt to your changing life and the changing environment around us.

    The ongoing "rinse and repeat" portion of our relationship is where the value is added. Staying on track to achieve all of your goals.

    We will always revisit step 1, goals. Take a current snapshot, step 2. Then, make adjustments as needed.

With our ProPath Process, you will receive:

  1. -A personalized retirement plan, based on your unique needs and goals
  2. -Guidance on how to maximize your Social Security benefits
  3. -Strategies to reduce or eliminate taxes on your retirement income
  4. -A worry-free path to a safe and secure retirement future

Don't wait until it's too late to start planning for your retirement. Contact us today and let us help you create a retirement plan that works for you.

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