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Our Process

Why age 50+ and $1 Million of assets?

For 5 years I worked in the ultra-high-net worth department at Vanguard. The thousands of clients I spoke to had no less than $1 Million of assets and sometimes no less than $5 Million! After 5 years, I became comfortable with the concerns of these families and how to reach their goals. No matter how much money you have, their are always gaps in the planning. ProPath Financial fills those gaps.

Check out the 3 meeting process below:

  • Step One: Understanding You

    Meeting 1

    Our six-step process starts with a familiar factor that every relationship should begin with: getting to know you. At our initial meeting, we’ll discuss the qualifications that we have that makes us the best option to handle your financial plan. 

  • Step Two: Assess Your Situation

    Meeting 2

    The second step in our process is all about assessing your financial situation and your overall personal circumstances. We’ll analyze what each of your financial goals are and consider ways we can prepare you to successfully meet them. At this meeting, we can also talk about any obstacles that could potentially arise and conflict with your goal progress.

  • Step Three: Analyze the Data

    Behind the Scenes

    The third step in our process is about collecting as many documents as possible to provide relevant context to your overall financial picture. We’ll collect all of the necessary data we need to provide the best insight and recommendations for your financial plan.

  • Step Four: Develop a Plan

    Behind the Scenes

    After we analyze the appropriate data and have an understanding of which goals you’re aiming to meet, your coach can begin developing your financial plan. We will specifically look for products and recommendations that are intentionally tailored to fit your needs. Your plan path will be optimized to meet all your financial goals as efficiently and rewardingly as possible.

  • Step Five: Present Recommendations

    Meeting 3

    At our third meeting, your coach will present the plan and the recommendations to you and go over how your financial future will be affected by these developments. You will also be able to provide any feedback to the plan and ask any questions you may have to clarify plan elements. If you feel that any adjustments should be made to the plan before it is implemented, this meeting will also be the place to discuss those concerns. We will thoroughly detail why your coach made the recommendations involved in the plan based on your individual goals so that everyone is on the same page and has shared expectations for the plan’s implementation.

  • Step Six: Implement the Plan

    On an Ongoing Basis

    The last step in our process is implementing the plan that we created. Using our recommendations, the plan will be put into action to grow and develop as it was designed to. We will monitor your financial progress as the years go by and meet annually to discuss the progress and implement any changes you’d like to make to your plan. We understand that life can occasionally present the unexpected, so we will also meet as needed if any new developments require immediate attention.

Retirement Programming

We at ProPath Financial prefer to think of our proactive process as Retirement Programming. Health is a vital part of living a long, productive life, and the healthier you are, the longer you’ll live. With that gift of life, however, comes an increased risk of outliving your money. On top of that, there are several financial events that are affected by maintaining good health as life progresses, such as:

  • When you take social security
  • When you retire
  • What lifestyle you’ll want to live in retirement
  • Medical bills
  • When you take your pension
  • Multigenerational wealth planning

Because fitness is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle, we consider our process to be very similar to fitness programs. A good fitness program takes a plan and a dedicated amount of time into account. Similarly, our Retirement Programs are built with a holistic approach to growth and progression over weeks, months, and years in order to improve and maintain your financial health.

We invite you to view us as your personal trainer in the progression towards retirement. If you’re ready to get your financial health in gear, please contact us so that we can begin your financial fitness routine.

We are proud to evaluate a multitude of areas that you could use a boost with.
Please check out our Services page to see which areas we can help you with.


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